Haircuts in Toowoomba


Traditional Barber Shop

Since 1998, Lucky Phil’s Barber Shop has been delighting customers in Toowoomba with quality grooming services and hair styling products.
Specialising in men’s cuts and shaves, we also cater to women, kids and senior citizens.


Our experienced barbers can achieve whatever look you desire. We can perform a variety of men’s and women’s haircuts and styles from simple to trendy cuts. With our years of experience, you can expect meticulous and stylish hairstyles.


Whether you are wanting a new look, or require regular maintenance, we provide first-rate hair colouring services. We can carry out a variety of hair colouring services – including men’s foils – using any brand required. Bookings are essential for hair colouring services.


Our team provide traditional men’s foil, cut-throat and hot towel shaving services. We also perform trims to keep your beard or moustache looking clean and tidy.

A traditional barber’s shave is favoured by many due to benefits including:
  • Gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells
  • A much closer shave compared to doing it yourself using a disposable or refillable razor
  • No razor bumps because cut-throat razors also pull out in-growing facial hair
  • It makes your skin more resistant to razor burns and shaving against the grain


Give your guests a memorable experience with flowing food and drinks, stylish cuts and clean shaves. Gather the guys as part of a buck’s weekend, to ensure you’re all looking your best in the lead up to the big day. Bring your groomsmen, sit back, relax while we cut, trim and shave so you’re all clean and fresh and photo ready.

We offer event packages consisting of:
  • Haircuts or trims
  • Traditional cut-throat and face shaves
  • Beer of soft drinks
  • Sandwiches
Call us today to chat further about your upcoming function or gathering.


We carry a range of high-quality hair styling and grooming products that help you maintain your stylish looks. Our stock includes the following:
  • Gels
  • Mousses
  • Hurricane brushes
  • Hair moisturisers
  • Somerset shaving products
  • Shaving oils
  • Beard oils
If your desired products are not in stock, we can get them for you within 2 days.
We also sell Lucky Phil’s gift items that are ideal for family and friends including:
  • Red & pink stubby holders with our printed slogan “I got cut at Lucky Phil’s”
  • Gift certificates denominated in your preferred amount

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a haircut?
Call us to find out more about our prices.
How often should I have my hair cut so it will always look fresh?
If your hairstyle is very short, regular trips to the barber shop are suggested, as needed. However, this will depend on how fast your hair grows.

For medium-length styles, getting a cut every 2 to 3 weeks should suffice. And for long hair, monthly trims would help maintain your look and ensure your ends look healthy.
How can I keep my hair looking like it did after leaving the barber shop?
Ask your barber what products were used on your hair, like the brand of gel or mousse. You can also enquire about how to best comb your hair to achieve the same barber shop look. Ask for styling tips and advice from your friendly styling professional.
What is a cut-throat shave?
This technique is still favoured by many as it achieves optimum results. A cut-throat blade or razor is used to create attractive beard lines, and a clean cut-throat shave. Professionals who perform this technique have a wealth of experience and can help you achieve a fresh look and feel in a safe setting.